Bogen Partners With 6 More Companies for Its Nyquist IP-Based Paging System

bogen communications omnilert early warning labs teachlogic raptor ipvideo

Bogen Communications announced a lineup of technology partners, including Early Warning Labs, IPVideo, Lightspeed Technologies, Omnilert, Raptor Technologies and TeachLogic. Bogen Communications’ latest technology partnerships enhance and expand functionality for its Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000 systems, IP-based paging and intercom solutions.

Early Warning Labs — an officially licensed partner of the US Geological Survey and leader in the field of earthquake early warning technology-offers innovative solutions that integrate with Nyquist (and prior Bogen systems) that enable facilities to automate audible and visual notifications as well as implement other crucial safety measures. These technologies are designed with the intent to help reduce injuries and mitigate other losses during an earthquake by providing advanced warnings before the shaking arrives. This allows individuals to take proactive safety measures before the shaking starts, such as seeking shelter and initiating other pre-defined safety action, aiming to significantly reduce the risk of injuries and mitigate potential damages.

The HALO Smart Sensor, an IPVideo product from Motorola Solutions, is an IoT smart sensor for vaping and THC detection. As a multifunctional device, HALO provides comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness while protecting the privacy of individuals as the device has no cameras and it does not record conversations. A single HALO device offers a variety of sensors and event-based triggers including: health monitoring; indoor air quality monitoring; vape and THC detection; gunshot detection; emergency keyword alerts; audible alerts; emergency escape and alert lighting; motion detection; chemical alerts; VOC alerts; tamper alerts, and temperature and humidity alerts. There are additional add-on options for panic button alerts and people counting. Alert notifications from the HALO system can now be distributed via Bogen Communications’ Nyquist system to increase the protection of students and faculty in education, or any staff member or guest in a commercial space.

Nyquist interfaces with the Lightspeed Cascadia Networked Instructional Audio platform to enable key functionality, including a mobile solution for the teacher to initiate multiple levels of alerts in the classroom directly from the pendant microphone. The teacher can initiate a help request, emergency alert or check-in which are then distributed through Bogen Communications’ Nyquist system. Cascadia interfaces with a digital mute function, ensuring important and even emergency school-wide messages broadcast through the Nyquist system are never missed.

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The Omnilert integration offers a powerful solution to help enhance campus safety by detecting potential gun threats and activating responses. Omnilert Gun Detect is an AI-powered visual gun detection system that monitors existing security cameras 24×7 for gun threats. Once confirmed, automated emergency responses are activated, including locking doors, alarm activation, pre-recorded announcements and escalation to first responders within critical seconds of an incident, significantly improving overall security measures.

Raptor Alert expedites and streamlines emergency response by allowing users to initiate an alert directly to 911 and provide critical information to first responders, law enforcement and campus personnel. In partnership with Bogen Communications, an alert initiated through Raptor Alert can automate and expedite public address announcements and security alerts that can be distributed with Bogen Communications’ Nyquist system for small incidents and school-wide emergencies.

The Nyquist system can interface with multiple TeachLogic instructional audio systems to streamline paging and security alert functions between the systems. The Nyquist system can recognize and help respond to an emergency alert from any of the TeachLogic Ovation, Maxim, Spectrum, and Matrix systems. The teacher can easily activate the alert wirelessly from their pendant microphone and the alert is passed from the amplifier to the Nyquist system. Additionally, TeachLogic systems recognize an incoming page from the Nyquist system to mute all audio sources in the room.

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist system is a software-centric IP-based paging and intercom solution that leverages the latest software technologies and third-party integrations. Nyquist features a powerful, state-of-the-art system controller with an easy-to-use Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device. The Nyquist system integrates with LAN, WAN and legacy speaker cabling to support existing building infrastructure and can be scaled to support a virtually unlimited number of audio sources, endpoints and zones. Users can easily add new features and capabilities as needs change, technologies evolve and software updates are released.