Bogen Debuts NQ-S1810WBC, a PoE Combo Wall Baffle Speaker and LED Clock

bogen nq s1810wbc

Bogen Communications announced the NQ-S1810WBC, a PoE Combo Wall Baffle Speaker, featuring an LED message display and a multi-colored flasher, for “unparalleled high-definition audio quality and integration into the Nyquist ecosystem.” Engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern communication systems, Bogen Communications says the Combo Wall Baffle Speaker redefines audio while adding visual messaging and alerting capabilities.

Bogen Communications’ Combo Wall Baffle Speaker claims to provide “remarkable audio coverage of up to 600 square feet and a separate high-performance MEMS microphone for superior talkback performance.” The Combo Wall Baffle Speaker offers fixed or scrollable single-color message text and an event-driven multi-colored flasher. Able to leverage Nyquist’s scenario-based automated action sequences, or “Routines,” the the Combo Waffle Baffle Speaker features a 12/24-hour clock and user-definable message display with adjustable brightness for optimal visibility.

nq s1810wbc front alternate ortho image (1)

The Combo Wall Baffle Speaker’s 12/24-hour clock caters to various timekeeping preferences and the speaker’s a message display includes programmable strobe flashers to capture people’s attention. Bogen Communications says the Combo Wall Baffle Speaker eliminates the need for external amplifiers, traditional intercom wiring or transformer taps. The Combo Wall Baffle Speaker also utilizes a PoE connection to integrate with existing systems. This new device, like all other Nyquist devices, is configurable through the Nyquist system’s Web UI.