Bogen Communications Enters Technology Partnership With Early Warning Labs

bogen early warning labs

Bogen Communications just announced a technology partnership with Early Warning Labs, the nation’s “leader in earthquake early warning technology.” Bogen Communications’ collaboration with Early Warning Labs provides expanded interoperability to automate notifications and other safety measures in the event of a major earthquake.

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist platform is a software-based paging and intercom solution for K-12 and commercial applications. Paired with Early Warning Labs, the Nyquist solution enables facilities to automate and expedite audible and visual notifications and other safety measures with the intent to prevent injuries and limit property damage during a large earthquake. Early Warning Labs is an officially licensed partner of the US Geological Survey and the nation’s leader in earthquake early warning technology. Early Warning Labs works with leading institutions and seismology researchers to innovate at the forefront of earthquake early warning.

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist solution features a GU) that’s accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device. Designed to support existing building infrastructure, Nyquist integrates with a facility’s existing LAN, WAN and legacy speaker cabling and can be scaled to support an unlimited number of audio sources, endpoints and zones.

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