Bogen Communications Announces Nyquist E7000MCR Paging and Intercom System

Bogen Nyquist E7000MCR Preconfigured Rack Mounted Paging and Intercom SystemBogen Communications announced the new Nyquist E7000MCR Preconfigured Rack-Mounted Paging and Intercom System. The Nyquist E7000MCR is designed to meet the communication needs of today’s K-12 school campus environments.

The Nyquist E7000MCR is an extension of the Nyquist E7000 solution. Able to leverage existing facility wiring, 25-Volt speakers and call switches, the pre-rack-mounted solution provides a quick and easy migration path for legacy paging and intercom systems while delivering the same feature set found in the core E7000 system. E7000MCR is easy to configure with the browser-based setup wizard on the laptop PC that is included with the system.

The Nyquist E7000MCR is designed to operate as a primarily self-contained system and does not impose upon the customer’s network or IT department. However, the Nyquist E7000MCR can be reconfigured as a fully integrated network-based solution when needed.