Bogen Communications Adds New TPU600-G2 Paging Mixer-amp Model to TPU Series

Bogen Communications TPU600 G2Bogen Communications announced a new model to the TPU Series, the TPU600-G2 paging mixer-amp. The TPU600-G2 is a high-powered, Class D amplifier designed for telephone paging applications. Featuring a new hardware design, the TPU600-G2 boasts a small footprint and lightweight design with both wall-mount and rack-mount capabilities.

The new TPU600-G2 new model incorporates next-generation technologies and future-proof design concepts such as a high-power, 600W Class D amplifier that provides higher efficiency amplification with traditional low-noise characteristics, decreased weight and lower heat dissipation. The TPU600-G2 includes Phoenix-style plug-in connectors for easy plug-and-play wiring and installation. Specific to the TPU600-G2, Bogen Communications is including a five-year warranty to provide customers with the same unmatched reliability in the legacy TPU Series.

The TPU Series provides voice-activated muting of music during paging to eliminate the need for manual activation of switches and the use of external relays. The paging channel features automatic output leveling (ALC) as channel input varies, particularly important in telephone paging applications.