Bluescape Visual Collaboration Software Now Optimized for Microsoft Surface Hub

Bluescape announced today its software is now available for Microsoft Surface Hub. Bluescape’s visual collaboration software gives teams a virtual place to meet, share, and develop ideas and is accessible using any internet-enabled device such as smartphones, computers, and interactive displays, now including Microsoft Surface Hub. The company was born to meet a real need within Haworth to provide a better way for designers and developers to visually collaborate across teams, locations, and devices. Building upon Haworth’s long tradition of adapting technology to meet changing workplace needs, the space featured at NeoCon eliminates the barriers between the physical and virtual to simplify, speed, and enhance the way we work.

Bluescape’s collaboration software extends the Surface Hub’s rich and frictionless hardware into an infinite virtual workspace that enables teams to interact with content and collaborate on projects no matter where team members are located. Bluescape’s software also works seamlessly with other Microsoft products, as well as other file types teams already use – Google docs, video, audio files, images – anything can be shared and stored in one limitless digital workspace.