Verizon Business Offers Updated BlueJeans Meeting Enhancements for Hybrid and Remote Learning

BlueJeans By Verizon InfoCommWhile at InfoComm, Verizon Business announced new BlueJeans Meetings enhancements, including a bundle of features to support hybrid and remote learning. The new BlueJeans Remote Learning feature pack allows instructors to build a custom teaching experience without the overhead associated with hosting traditional online classes. The updates are available as part of specific BlueJeans Meetings plans or at a discounted rate for education customers.

When the Teacher Dashboard is turned on, BlueJeans provides instructors with all the necessary classroom management tools they need in one place. These tools provide access to arrange students in a gallery view or to spotlight a presenter, share content, chat and more. Instructors will now also have the ability to build a custom teaching experience that is best suited for their lessons, students and teaching style.

BlueJeans’ Remote Learning is optimized for student engagement. The always accessible chat wizard, breakout sessions, participant reactions, intelligent highlights and multi-participant whiteboard increases opportunities for everyone to engage during a live teaching session. Key Remote Learning features include:

  • Users can view the entire classroom in one view as well as all the tools needed to effectively run and manage sessions
  • Users can arrange the entire class/session view as they see fit, such as on participation level, alphabetical or in priority of raised hand first
  • Users can keep track of who is joining the session and who is in the waiting room (if activated)
  • Multi-task with the new floating chat wizard that allows users to continue messaging while sharing content, whiteboarding or annotating
  • Users have quick access to all teaching applications, such as Collab Board, Breakout Sessions, Polling/Q&A and Smart Meeting highlights

The latest BlueJeans enhancements for Remote Learning will be available in Q1 of 2022.