Bluefish444 Adds Professional Video IO Plug-In to Unreal Engine Marketplace

bluefish444 video io

Bluefish444 has published the Bluefish444 Professional Video IO plug-in to the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

With the support from an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games to develop new, innovative and high performance workflows with the Bluefish444 Unreal Engine Plugin, the integration has now been published to the Unreal Engine Marketplace for users to download free of charge.

“Bluefish444 are extremely excited to bring the Bluefish444 Professional Video IO plugin for Unreal Engine to the public via the Unreal Engine Marketplace” says Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 product manager. “We are committed to continued plugin development in order to support future features and versions of the Unreal Engine and to continually further enhance the plugin ensuring the industry’s lowest latency and highest quality video IO”