Bluefish444 Announces Microsoft Windows 6.5.0 Driver and SDK Package for Epoch and Kronos Video IO Hardware

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Bluefish444 announced the availability of the Microsoft Windows 6.5.0 driver and SDK package for Epoch and Kronos Video IO hardware. The release allows integrated applications and new developers to access the most recent features and performance improvements delivered by the 6.5.0 Windows release. The Driver SDK integrates the latest firmware features of the Epoch and Kronos range enabling the lowest latency video capture and playout through industry-standard interfaces including SDI, HDMI and Video over IP standards.

A new feature of the Bluefish 6.5.0 driver SDK includes a simplified configuration for video interfaces. The 6.5.0 driver and SDK has a new AutoCapture video engine adding lower latency and more automated video acquisition into user applications. This new feature shifts the complexity in sub-frame processing from the user application into the Bluefish driver and makes the lowest latency implementations accessible by all applications.

“With the exciting new features and overall product improvements this Microsoft Windows 6.5.0 driver SDK release really does bring our 6.x Driver branch supporting both Epoch and Kronos hardware to maturity,” said Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 product manager. “New Simple Setup and low latency AutoCapture features continue to push the boundaries of excellence provided in a Video IO interface and when combined with Kronos hardware can’t be beaten on performance and simplicity.”

Bluefish444 hardware, driver and SDK are used in hundreds of Video applications across workflows including Virtual Production, Acquisition and Archive, Broadcast Graphics, Live Event Production, Post Production, Medical, Military and Corporate applications.