BlueDog Releases Resi-Cat

BlueDog Group is a provider of data management services supporting the tools, processes and standards for integrators to measure client retention. BlueDog is announcing the release of the first standardized industry hierarchy for organizing products and labor for residential systems integrators, aptly named Resi-Cat. 

As a standards-based catalog hierarchy, Resi-Cat is currently used by dozens of BlueDog’s customers. Integrators implementing Resi-Cat have seen improvements across all departments in their business by allowing integrators to find products more easily for use in sales, proposal, engineering, properly accounting for all phases of their project lifecycle.
Until now, there has been no known unified industry standard catalog for integrators, manufacturers and distributors. Historically, companies have developed and used their own hierarchies — often many variations — making managing product and labor catalogs difficult and more costly than necessary. 
Resi-Cat covers every functional area and step — from sales, to engineering, to accounting for inventory control, including both stock and non-inventory parts. BlueDog claims this approach makes accurate financial reporting easier and minimizes errors such as overstating or underestimating the value of inventory, for instance.

To access Resi-Cat from BlueDog Group, go here.