Fuggedaboutit Friday


I am just gonna go ahead and throw it out there, one of my favorite things in the entire world is to laugh. And to make people laugh. It’s kinda my thing. And, I am totally guilty of thinking incredibly simple stupid things are hilarious. And, I’m not sure if this is technically in my job description, but I want to […]

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The Steve Jobs I Knew


My desk, today. You’re reading this, which means you know (unless you’ve been asleep). The inimitable Steve Jobs passed away last night at the age of 56. Last night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I thought about writing about his passing. But then, I thought, “What I have to say about the passing […]

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Changing the Game


I am fascinated by product and consumer marketing. I am fascinated by the creative ways that businesses, both small and large, are able to market to their customers – and, at the same time, search for ways to improve the overall customer experience. Professionally, I’m new to the AV industry. Personally (or as a consumer) […]

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InfoComm100: An AV Honor and Industry Must


“The invisible is still invisible. Look for it and do something about it.” – Daniel Burrus I had the incredible privilege of attending this year’s InfoComm100 recently held in Portland, Oregon. Hosted by the InfoComm International Board of Directors and Leadership Development Committee, it is the one annual event where the top 100 leaders and visionaries in the AV industry come together […]

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The New Kid


I’m the new kid in town. Or should I say the new adult? How about I’m the new closer-to-thirty-than-I-am-to-twenty female human in town? Yes, that. That’s what I’ll say. It’s a daunting task to make your first post to a blog. Because it’s such a historical post. (Some would say that it’s “an historical” post. […]

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Preach It, Brothers and Sisters, Preach It!

The AV industry has existed a very long time now.  Our trade association, Infocomm, itself celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2009.  Yet, despite this long history, and despite the fact that products from our industry are integral to daily life around the world (mics, speakers, TVs, computer monitors, etc), we are still widely unknown and overlooked by many.  It took […]

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Welcome to “New Pandora”, Adobe Flash need not apply


Over the past two months Pandora has been sneakily hooking up select users a preview of what is now referred to as “New Pandora”, and you know what, it’s pretty flippin’ sweet. It was officially launched this last Tuesday. You didn’t notice either eh? Maybe because you’ve been busy listening to GrooveShark , Turntable.fm , Google Music ,Spotify , Insert any other Streaming Media radio service […]

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Ode to the Gopher

The building my office is in also houses the state’s film bureau, an office set up by state government to promote making films in Connecticut, and draw some of that tax revenue (and job base) out of New York. It seems to work pretty well, judging by the noisy and ubiquitous film crews always present […]

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Qwikster, the new DVD mailing service, or is it?


So by now all of you are done with the Netflix, Blockbuster DVD mailing service fight, right? Good, because get ready for Qwikster!!??!! That’s right, yet another service that brings those discs (a soon to be dead technology in my opinion, but that’s another post) to your door for your viewing pleasure. In reality Qwikster dot com is just a new site that […]

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I Say a Dirty Word


DIY is Your Friend Now that the noise and overstimulating barrage of products, specifications, digital signage and  the after effects of copious  adult beverages has diminished- I  want to propose what may seem a counter intuitive idea. Blasphemy even. The DIY home control fan is your best bet for future client growth. Yes I said that out […]

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The Father Problem

My second child – Brady – was born a month or so ago. As you know, I have a daughter, Riley, who is 4 years old.  Ultimately, Brady’s conception and birth have led me (amongst other recent events) on a thought journey around a deeper dive into fatherhood; in particular, the following: My main thought […]

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Access to Technology: A Civil Liberty or National Security Threat?

Recent events have me pondering the question of what role technology plays in either advancing or harming our society and the rights of citizens. Everyone knows Wikileaks released its entire cache of secret government cables last week and an Apple employee lost an iPhone 5 prototype, in yet another bar… Note to Apple-if you want to continue […]

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After the storm…

Look, you all know I’m a big fan of the cloud computing concept, and I remain one, because the benefits do offset the difficulties. Usually. But this week, real clouds have really messed with my technological ones. Because, for what is termed a fizzle of a storm compared to something like Katrina, Hurricane Irene has […]

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Google Music Beta


Google Music Beta. Since this year’s Google I/O (When Google Music Beta was announced and released) I have been excited to get an invite sent my way. A few days ago mine came in the (G)mail! Huzzah! I’ve been playing with it now on different devices (Android(s) and some of the non Droid Variety) to get that […]

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CEDIA welcomes the #AvTweeps

It’s that time of the year again, time for the CEDIA show, time for all the manufacturers to bring out the new goodies for all us integrators, installers, designers, and programmers to ogle over, poke and tinker with, also there’s booze to drink and parties to attend ( more on that in a bit). This year CEDIA comes back […]

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Truly Useful Engine


Now you’re back in line Going not quite quite as far But in half the time – Jumping Someone Else’s Train, The Cure Perspective can change everything; running straight line the countryside is truly bucolic, but when the train jerks ‘round a turn you find that the rolling hills hide a shanty town.  Which side […]

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