Learn from My Mistake: Television Interview Scam

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m definitely still a naïve young professional. I still have stars in my eyes and, because of that, sometimes fall for the “sounds too good to be true” bait, especially when it involves media interviews. I work in public relations for a large AV integrator, and I get contacted by the media on […]

Star Wars in 3D!!!!!!!

It’s official, Star Wars will, in fact, make it’s theatrical debut in 3D on February 10, 2012. The 3D re-release of the Star Wars flicks will start with Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and will continue with one film a year through 2017. Thsi will ultimately be a BIG BOOST to the 3D Fan Boys out there as […]

Star Wars in 3D!!!!!!!

Are You Social?

Statistically, about 65% of you reading this have a Facebook account that you access on a weekly basis three to four times. Nearly 25% of you have a Twitter account that you check at least twice a week and 55% of you have a LinkedIn account that you access at least once a week for […]

Streaming Heats Up As We Knew It Would

Last week’s news that Amazon intends to bow their own unlimited streaming video service to go head to head with Netflix and Apple TV both excites and amuses me. It excites me because streaming media is where it’s at and when it comes to consumer choice, content selection, and technological innovation, the more the merrier. […]

More details about Thunderbolt….

Hi, gang – after last weeks announcements, here’s a pretty good sum-up of Thunderbolt. And for all those of you who wrote in asking, no, Thunderbolt is NOT an Apple-only technology. Apple co-developed it, but Intel is going to be pushing it to ALL developers, and including Thunderbolt on the intel-manufactured motherboard line, so it will be […]

Thunderbolt – the potential implications to the AV industry

Let’s think now about the potential implications of Thunderbolt technology on the AV, and especially the Digital Signage industries: Hmmmmm…. let’s see – the ability to move both very high resolution video and huge amounts of data very fast over a single low-power port. Well, just off the top of my head, my own opinion […]


Today, Apple and Intel in collaboration introduced the first computer with Thunderbolt ports – the new MacBook Pro. For those who haven’t followed Thunderbolt development, it is a new I/O technology with 10x the maximum speed of USB 2. Thunderbolt runs on a port developed from DisplayPort, and all existing DisplayPort video systems, switchers and interfaces will work on the […]

Analog Reminiscences

Joel Rollins blog posts Vanishing History parts 1 and 2 got me thinking about my own experiences with analog recording media. Recently I dug up a box of mixed tapes that I had painstakingly duped in the late 1980s. Kids today with their iPods have no grasp on how much work we had to do back then to create compilations of favourite songs. […]

Not Holding My Breath For The iPad Killer

It’s funny how often discussion seems to revolve around the iPad. Some days it feels like that’s all that I write about. One day last year I stopped in at the butcher store and the first thing out of the owner’s mouth wasn’t “Hello” it was “So what’s the deal with the iPad?” And just yesterday my […]

Vanishing History… again

Well, yesterday’s post got me a bunch of email saying that it isn’t just video decaying on our shelves, it’s also film. And that’s true – in fact, this year I’ve spent a fair amount of time cleaning and inspecting many reels of 16mm shot by our founder. Some of it is original masters of stuff he […]

Re-Cap, Summary of AV’s First-Ever #AVChat

Last Thursday, a few dozen #AVTweeps—integrators, PR reps and even a few manufacturers—came together for the first-ever #AVchat session created and moderated by Linda Frembes, known on Twitter as @AVWriter. The theme of the chat was how the turbulent economy has affected the health of the AV industry and how AV has seen integrators, manufacturers and distributers change to combat […]

Re-Cap, Summary of AV’s First-Ever #AVChat

Vanishing History

Just thought I’d post a reminder because of something that happened to me this week. Most of us in the industry have a tape library… show reels from previous shows, staff events, media clients have given us to composite into show reels, etc. Just thought I would remind you all that mag tape is fading […]

Isn’t Telepresence Amazing?

I am often struck by the amazing ways that AV technology is able to connect people on a basic level. Lately, my interest has been caught by the ever-evolving definition of telepresence. I recently had the pleasure of participating in a telepresence demonstration call between a Cisco CTS 3010 and an AVI-SPL Caméléon Telepresence system (with a Tandberg codec). The experience was […]

Twitter’s Top 5 Badass AV Women

The other day, I read a blog by Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting) called “Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women.”  This wonderful article – which can be read at http://tinyurl.com/Top75Women – detailed 75 great ladies on Twitter who have a passion for their jobs and share it well.  As Ms. Adams wrote: “We got together and compiled a list of […]

Little Fish Tales, volume 1: Size Matters

Welcome to Little Fish Tales. I have decided that I will periodically devote some of my blog space to real world tales from the small integrator – some rants, some raves, some random observations – all from the perspective of the little guy. In future editions of Little Fish Tales, I’ll share some of the […]

Bigger Boat Syndrome

Anybody who has experience with luxury goods, whether buying, selling, or both understands the psychology of Bigger Boat Syndrome. Especially as technophiles, many of us are susceptible to the seduction of toys that are newer, shinier and cooler than what we, or more importantly our friends have now. I recall one retail client I had back […]

The 35,000 People…

Sure, 80% of the attendees of this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam are European, but, it’s the sheer numbers of them that astounded me – and many others here at Integrated Systems Europe in February 2011. Literally, some 35,000 attendees scanned their badges as they walked into the 10 massive halls of AV exhibits during the 3-day […]

The 35,000 People…

ISE 2011: The Year of the LED Wall Invasion

The product we found literally all over ISE 2011 here in Amsterdam – more than any other- was LED walls. And, like integration of the iPad in control at InfoComm 2010 and 3D at this past Fall’s CEDIA Expo, LED walls have quickly become the “I don’t want to see another one of these things” product at the show. In all […]

ISE 2011: The Year of the LED Wall Invasion


If you’re TWITTER savvy, you probably already know what #ISEurope means. But, for those of you who may be new to the Twitterverse, that’s how you can track, literally in real-time, what EVERY SINGLE Integrated Systems Europe attendees who’s Tweeting about new products is saying at theISE show. And, we’ve made it even easier for you – simply […]


Day 1 – The Biggest AV Show – Ever?

At the opening press conference for the 2011 Integrated Systems Europe show here in Amsterdam this morning, ISE Managing Director, Mike Blackman, breezed through his opening remarks and jumped into the meat of his message in less than 2-minutes. And, his message was loud and clear – and included a giant smile: This 7th year AV Mega-show – combining CEDIA and InfoComm – […]

Day 1 – The Biggest AV Show – Ever?

Designing for the App generation

As an integrator it’s important to always be well informed on all things tech because technology is constantly changing. In the Audio Video industry we notice this daily. This is so true, that every project I have worked on is immensely different from the last. The only thing that is a constant (recently) is that […]

Designing for the App generation

ISEurope is the AV Industry’s One True Mega-Show

Once a year, in Amsterdam, the world comes together for the AV industry’s one true mega-show in the form of an AV fair doubly hosted by both InfoComm (the world’s largest ProAV show company) andCEDIA (the world’s largest HomeAV show company). Dubbed ISE, the annual show is truly the ultimate AV tradeshow in that it holds the latest in both residential AV and […]

ISEurope is the AV Industry’s One True Mega-Show

3D or not 3D – that is the question….

I have an embarrassing item to relate… for the last couple of days, I’ve actually read a number of the movie review blogs. No, I’m not joining the discussions of “Date Night” – it’s because I’ve been following some threads on 3D technologies. It seems there’s a camp, and a large one, dismissing 3D as […]

#AVchat Coming Soon to Twitter!

Want to get involved with the AV community via social media, but aren’t sure how? Already involved, but want more in-depth conversations? Good news- #AVchat is coming soon to a Twitter client near you! AV freelancer and social media thought-leader LindaSeid Frembes (aka @AVwriter) is organizing the initiative and plans to host the first session in early February. To […]

Where’s the Communication?

Background info:  We had been trying to contact InfoComm’s PR department for well over a month (since she canceled a meeting with us). We respectfully reached out a number of times via both email and phone. My frustration finally got the better of me and I sent out an SOS to @InfoComm on twitter, not entirely expecting a response.  […]

Who’s dumb enough to buy Blockbuster, Gary? Apparently, WE are…

Gary brings up a good point on the Blockbuster thing – and the answer, apparently, is US. Let me explain. I live in a quaint little Connecticut town, inhabited mostly by uber-rich New York stockbrokers and hedge fund barons. It’s a town full of trendy boutiques and 5-star restaurants. Our local video store is another of these, […]

Rental and Staging – Come home, all is forgiven….

Hey – welcome to rAVe’s new blog… For the last few years, my function has been to be the “Rental and Staging Guy” in the rAVe crew.. to speak for the needs of the little corner of the industry that I love. Sometimes, to push it along with comments about how we’re different, arguing with Gary and other friends […]

I’m Not An Early Adopter

I never have been. “Look before you leap” is definitely one of my character traits. People are often surprised by that, given my career in CE and my visibility on social media. Yet despite the fact that it seems like I’m on Twitter 24/7 I didn’t sign up for Twitter until about two years ago, […]

Tweeps- The New Cool Kids?

I really wanted my first rAVe blog post to deal directly with my passion- Green AV. But something has been on my mind over the past few weeks.  So, here it is:  Is twitter creating cliques of “cool kids” in the industry? Many of us are on Twitter; some are even on every day.  We use it […]

Who’s Stupid Enough to Buy Blockbuster?

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Blockbuster Video – the same Blockbuster that in the year 2000 told Netflix to go away – still hasn’t found a buyer or someone to finance their business into the future. Really? I can’t imagine why! Their business model seems so, well, perfect. Why wouldn’t someone buy […]

Tradeshows: Yea Or Nay?

CES 2011 is over but that’s just the beginning of the trade show calendar for the New Year. All the dealers I know are highly focused and selective about the shows they attend: It’s typically CES, OR CEDIA Expo, OR InfoComm OR EHX, and occasionally two, but almost never more than that. On the manufacturing side, however, it’s typical for my […]

Referrals Via The Personal Touch

Every industry and channel has its larger than life characters. They’re the Bill Brasky types that we all tell stories about at industry functions when they’re not there, either as an inspiration or as a warning to others. If they are there, there’s an excellent chance that they’re the ones telling the story. One of my favorite […]