THE LED Conundrum


By Seth Waltz Principal, AVL Designs “Everybody says they wants LED theater lighting, yet we hear many people saying they have it and hate it. Totally believable because they got the wrong LEDs for their application.” In the old days of analog lighting (meaning incandescent and halogen lights) lights pretty much turned on and off […]

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Digital Signage Trends To Watch In 2017


By Lee Gannon TrouDigital Digital signage has been around for a few years now. It was originally the reserve of large corporations with deep marketing budgets and most popular in consumer-facing industries like retail. Today, digital signage is increasingly sophisticated (as well as more affordable) and its users are highly creative in its application. It […]

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Creating Conference Room Standards for AV


By Pete Kolak Senior Manager, Conferencing Services (Unified Communications), Juniper Networks In an era of self-driving cars, self-lacing shoes (thanks, Marty) and privatized space travel, shouldn’t we be farther along with corporate communication tools? Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great stuff out there but in our corporate search to meet basic needs, […]

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Is the Era of “CompCine” at Hand?


This blog originally appeared at DisplayDaily here. The term “CompCine stands for Computational Cinematography, a term SMPTE Director of Engineering and Standards, Howard Lukk used to describe a new category of image capture at the recent Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) workshop held at the SMPTE conference last week. It describes a […]

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Just Another Week in the Life of an Audiovisual Technician


By Nick Voss Owner, Treffen Saint John It occurred to me this week that AV technicians experience the most fascinating lives. This is the best career choice anyone could make and if I had to go back I’d pursue a life in audiovisual and staging all over again. *** This past Sunday, I staged an […]

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Why & When to Hire a Third-Party AV Consultant


By Victoria Ferrari Account Executive at Synergy CT Sometimes, choosing a technology partner feels like going on a blind date. You may have some idea of what they’re all about, you might even meet once or twice and get to know them a little more, but in the end, it’s scary. How do you really […]

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Forget Home PCs And Bring A Business-Grade Digital Signage PC To Work


By Jami McGraw Does the blender at your local smoothie place look anything like the one you’ve got at home? Do your auto mechanic’s power tools seem a little more “robust” than the ones gathering dust on your workbench at home? Of course. High-demand, business-grade jobs require heavy-duty products that just work, and work. And […]

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Building, Design for Sound and Acoustics, Part 3: Understanding Sound Transmission (STC) Ratings


By John J. Lupo Division Manager, North Florida, Dynamark Systems This is part 3 of a multi-part series of articles that will provide a solid understanding of the principles of sound and acoustics as it relates to design and construction of both public and private spaces. Part 1 covered the basics of Sound, Part 2 […]

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Building, Design for Sound and Acoustics, Part 1: Understanding the Basics of Sound


By John J. Lupo Division Manager, North Florida, Dynamark Systems This is part one of a multi-part series of articles that will provide a solid understanding of the principles of sound and acoustics as it relates to design and construction of both public and private spaces. Parts 2-5 will cover decibels, STC ratings, soundproofing and […]

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InfoComm: Three Ways AV Professionals Can Improve Collaboration with IT Teams


By Cory Schaeffer The world of AV is quickly tilting toward a more IT-focused environment, as AV products evolve to better integrate with existing IP, wireless and mobile infrastructures. These advances require AV professionals to gain a deeper understanding of IT technologies and to work more closely with IT departments to deploy AV solutions. Still, […]

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InfoComm: Formal Drone Education Is Optional, But That’s About to Change


By Kevin Kelly Stampede A standardized, commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) education curriculum has not yet been established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a result, virtually anyone can market himself or herself as a commercial drone operator. The barriers to entry are minimal. However, as the number of businesses utilizing drones continues to […]

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Emerging Liabilities in Dynamic Digital Signage


By Robert White Manager of Convergent Technologies, Multi-Media Solutions As an integrator providing digital signage have you ever thought about all of the things that can jump up and bite you in the proverbial butt? I mean the kinds of things that can really put you at odds with your customer or even worse land you in […]

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The Client’s Lasting Impression of Your Company


By Dave DiGirolamo, CTS-D LEED AP Many technology integration companies believe that the salesperson is the face of the company. There are discussions in sales meetings about dressing professionally, saying the right things during the sales interview process, and being responsive to a client’s needs. As a salesperson, I feel this is very important. However, […]

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Say Cheese! The Past and Future of the Videoconference Room Camera


By David Danto IMCCA This article originally ran in my my Network World column “Workspaces for Tomorrow” earlier in the year. Enterprise videoconferencing has been around in one form or another for decades. The space has been – and continues to be — owned by many diverse silos (facilities, AV, IT, UC) which is one […]

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Collaboration Technology Principles


By David Wolf Video Architect at Capital One Many in the AV industry are emphasizing collaboration standards focused on an professional IT approach keying in on specific strategic solutions. While this might be an easy approach to apply to collaboration solutions in organizations starting with small inventories or doing complete refreshes; I find this is […]

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Six Challenges Faced When Installing Digital Signage Into Existing Structural Conditions


  By Megan Harvey Premier Mounts Every A/V project comes with a unique set of challenges. When installing equipment into an existing structure, integrators may need to securely install equipment into a location that was built before digital signage even existed. This can create a laundry list of challenges, from protecting equipment outdoors to creating […]

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AV Standards, or Is It the Double Standard?


By Ron DeVoe Successful Sales Consulting I have enjoyed having guest editorials published with rAVe. In times past my contributions have been more for entertainment than insight. However, this rambling is a result of my increasing awareness of the double standard that we, in our beloved industry, seem to ignore and that deals with women […]

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Innovators to Laggards: Where Do You Fall on the Technology Adoption Curve?


(An earlier version of this post appeared in SMART’s Next Level Collaboration blog.) Occasionally, I come to grips with the fact that I’m in my mid-forties… especially when I look at how far technology has come since I was a child. Every once in a while, something comes up with my kids, and it makes me feel […]

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