Collaboration Technology Principles


By David Wolf Video Architect at Capital One Many in the AV industry are emphasizing collaboration standards focused on an professional IT approach keying in on specific strategic solutions. While this might be an easy approach to apply to collaboration solutions in organizations starting with small inventories or doing complete refreshes; I find this is […]

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Six Challenges Faced When Installing Digital Signage Into Existing Structural Conditions


  By Megan Harvey Premier Mounts Every A/V project comes with a unique set of challenges. When installing equipment into an existing structure, integrators may need to securely install equipment into a location that was built before digital signage even existed. This can create a laundry list of challenges, from protecting equipment outdoors to creating […]

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AV Standards, or Is It the Double Standard?


By Ron DeVoe Successful Sales Consulting I have enjoyed having guest editorials published with rAVe. In times past my contributions have been more for entertainment than insight. However, this rambling is a result of my increasing awareness of the double standard that we, in our beloved industry, seem to ignore and that deals with women […]

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Innovators to Laggards: Where Do You Fall on the Technology Adoption Curve?


(An earlier version of this post appeared in SMART’s Next Level Collaboration blog.) Occasionally, I come to grips with the fact that I’m in my mid-forties… especially when I look at how far technology has come since I was a child. Every once in a while, something comes up with my kids, and it makes me feel […]

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HTML and the Future of Digital Signage


By Emerson Loustau CTO, TransitScreen In many ways, signs have changed very little over the past few thousand years. But we are now at the brink of a massive global shift as digital signs become one of the easiest ways to communicate with large numbers of urban residents, commuters and travelers. The language of the […]

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UC By Any Other Name…


By David Danto Director of Emerging Technology, IMCCA This week both of my boys head off to college, leaving my wife and I with the proverbial empty nest. While I know they’re as prepared as they can be to absorb all the higher education that they can access, I can easily recall the time when they […]

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4K Demystified ~ 4K UHD Field Testing Headaches (Part 1)


By Matt Murray AVPro Store In HDMI 2.0 installations we expected that everything would work as described in manuals. Many of us have done that and got terribly frustrated – it’s like troubleshooting in the dark – divide and conquer – replace potential defective components with known good components… unfortunately at this point in time […]

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Don’t Fall in Love with the Technology, Fall in Love with Your Goals


By James Gruening Mechdyne Corporation A recent Wall Street Journal article, “Virtual Reality Isn’t Just About Games,” by Christopher Mims, made several predictions about the future of virtual reality technology. However, there were a couple of points that Mims missed. First, head mounted displays (HMDs) are not the only way to experience virtual reality (VR). […]

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Y is for You: Google’s Alphabet and Personal Branding


I read with interest the restructuring announcements from Google this week, as they rebrand the parent company into Alphabet, building out the letters with innovative products and business models — starting with “G” for Google, which remains a wholly-owned subsidiary. It’s a bold move for a company that doesn’t want to be conventional. This got me thinking about […]

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InfoComm: Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes


By Cory Schaeffer I’ve been attending the InfoComm show for years and it’s one of my favorite activities. I love this industry of ours; it’s so great to see technology advance and to catch up with clients and friends. This industry has always been fun and rewarding for me. This past show was bittersweet, as […]

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Buzzword Mania Is Out of Control


By Michael Newman Michael Newman Consulting More entertaining than educational, I wanted to share my frustration with some of the buzzwords for business and internet marketing. It’s getting a little crazy and it seems people feel the need to shove them down your throat. “The marketing formula seems simple: Attract audiences, engage prospects, convert leads, […]

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Options for Wired Infrastructure Multiply Creating New Opportunities


It used to be that organizations would set up multiple wired infrastructure networks to handle phone, data, video, audio, control, security, KVM, etc. Now, multiple options are emerging that can allow one or two networks to do all the stuff of multiple networks in the past. That is creating lots of new opportunities for hardware, […]

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InfoComm: Reflections on China


By Dave Labuskes InfoComm International I just returned from InfoComm China 2015. What an exciting experience! I’m always impressed by the grandeur of the ancient society juxtaposed over the amazing energy, can-do attitude and raw entrepreneurial spirit that permeates virtually every conversation that I have when in that country. Our show was the largest we’ve […]

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Three Things the iPhone 6 Tells Us About Future Audio Visual Systems


By Jeremy Boyd, CTS Systems Design Consultant, AVI Systems Apple is not the end-all-be-all in the electronics space, but Apple’s products are often indicators of where we are headed. The iPod was an indicator of how we would start to consume music and the iPhone was the catalyst for many of us to look at […]

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