Have You Considered Becoming a CEDIA ROI?


What’s the ROI?  CEDIA’s Registered Outreach Instructor program enables CEDIA members to provide continuing education to their local design and build industry partners. CEDIA members who take and pass the ROI “Train the Trainer” class can present CEDIA-developed courseware to industry partners within their geographic regions. This grassroots member benefit will impact the member’s ability to develop new business relationships without the […]

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Berlin Wall

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.  I guess to most Americans this is somewhat of of a monumental occasion, but for a few AV Geeks (me included) this week brought me memories I’ve never forgotten. You see, the day the so-called WALL came tumbling down in Berlin, there were a […]

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NEC’s VUKUNET Will Help the ProAV Market – If We Help Ourselves


Today, NEC launched what apparently was a four-year, top-secret project within the company to develop something that, although aimed at the Digital Signage market, will ultimately help ANY ProAV or DS integration firm that will admit that the future of their company is selling services, NOT gear. Being a DS hardware manufacturer, it is, quite honestly, hard to believe […]

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Distribution Wars

I remember back when there were no “real” distributors in the commercial AV market. There were some high-end production video distributors in and around the industry – mostly sending Sony and Panasonic gear, illegally, to South America. Oh, and, back before Belgium-based projector company, BARCO, had US-based dealers, there was a very creative distributor here in the […]

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Hey, Manufacturers, some FREE PR Advice…

By Andy Marken, Marken Communications What a world of difference there is in the way “organizations” handle problems when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. While usually relatively minor, from a national media standpoint, almost every organization encounters major or minor problems each year as they have “run-ins” with the media. This is especially […]

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The Show from Hell

About 25 years ago, somebody gave me the following letter, which is one of the funniest I’ve read in the industry. Can anybody tell me who wrote it, or where it was first published?  JRR Mr. Paul Begosh, Producer Brightstar Productions 73040 La Cienega Blvd. Los Angles, CA 90023 Dear Paul: First, thank you for engaging us to provide AV […]

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DirecTV’s SWiM – Fix, Not Feature!

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about DirecTV’s new SWiM (Single Wire MultiSwitch) “feature”.  Basically, the short-version of the biggest feature (or FIX as I think of it) is that you can now run one RG6 coax line into your DVR-based DirecTV receivers and actually keep both tuners active.  So, with one RG6 run from the dish, you can record two […]

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What Happened to ProAV Magazine?

While we were at CEDIA, we “officially” got word from the ProAV magazine publisher that they were going to start publishing bi-monthly (every other month).  We sort of thought something was up as there were some combined months earlier this year, but now it’s official.  You may have seen our Tweet from the CEDIA show when we got the news.  Soon after, ProAV’s Editor, […]

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The rAVe Home and CEDIA Partnership


Since Day 1 of our rAVe HomeAV publication, CEDIA’s been a partner with us. Every step of the way we have enjoyed an alliance that allows us to help them disseminate important information to their members and high-end audiophiles and videophiles and they help us keep a pulse on the evolving high-end consumer technology space. However, I have never been more excited […]

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Are You Selling All Your Services?


I’ve written columns in the past decreeing (more like begging) the virtues of selling services over selling gear. There’s been one on selling design services – sort of like design consultants do for big clients and big systems out there.  There’s been one on selling integration services – basically installing other people’s systems regardless of […]

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Is Runco Relevant?

As we quickly head towards another CEDIA Expo, it’s a time to reflect where we’ve been and where we’re, hopefully, headed.  We’ve had a very tough year – in fact, it’s being called by most CI’s the worst HomeAV economy ever.  Expo 2008 was really the beginning of this economic downturn as we headed into a contentious, divisive presidential […]

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Why we’re NOT a Magazine

Yesterday, at a reception for the press sponsored by one of the industry’s largest display manufacturers, we overheard a conversation that perfectly demonstrates why WE (at rAVe) do NOT want to be called aProAV magazine. What did we hear?  Well, the manufacturer was “guaranteed” more editorial coverage and news stories by the print publication if they would […]

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Yes, We’re Picky


If you’ve been following rAVe DS, you know this is our fourth issue.  As you also probably know, there are more than a few “other” DS publications out there.  But, unlike those, we are picky on which stories we run and what we choose to send to you each month – in other words, just because we […]

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AVAD to Jump in ProAV Market?


AVAD, well known in the HomeAV market as a distributor of high-end consumer electronics gear, is capitalizing on the ProAV market’s loss of Electrograph last week and is rumored to be jumping into the ProAV market.  But, talk to them at your own risk. Why?  Well, simply providing gear to the ProAV dealer is not the same thing as truly being a distributor.  For example, […]

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CEDIA in Suckville


LOVE CEDIA.  I HATE Atlanta.  Although this year’s show will be in so-called “Hot-lanta,” it’s still going to be an awesome show!  I am excited for the manufacturers, the integrators and the market as we are just starting to see a turn-around of the markets nationwide and by September, rAVe believes things will start to […]

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Go to Church

Sure, the economy is down, the outlook is bad, stocks are still falling – heck the news media eats this scare-you-to-death stuff up.  And, we tune in and listen. But, we’re all trying to run a business here, too.  And, in a down economy, not everyone suffers.  In fact, historically, there are some market segments […]

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Case Study Hell

I am amazed how hard it is to get an application story/case study – whatever you want to call it – from an AV Integrator! Let me elaborate. For a year now, we’ve had a section on our rAVe site (www.ravepubs.com) that’s called AV in Action.  Basically, it’s a place where we publish (for FREE) case studies […]

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Cheat Sheet

I love this industry! Upon graduating from college back in 1987, I was lucky enough to be offered a job at Extron Electronics way back when they were probably less than a 20-person company.  Although at first I didn’t feel like I wasn’t doing what I went to college for (Marketing), the people there were great and […]

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