Blaze Audio Announces PowerZone Connect 8-Channel Power Amplifiers

Blaze Audio

Blaze Audio just announced the new PowerZone Connect 8-channel Power Amplifiers. Available in 1RU (PowerZone Connect 508 / 1008) and 2RU (PowerZone Connect 4008 / 6008) form factors, these new 8-channel amplifiers can power both conventional low-impedance (508 & 1008: 4Ω to 16Ω / 4008 & 6008: 2Ω to 16Ω) loudspeakers and constant voltage (70V/100V) transformer-coupled loudspeakers. Further, they feature automatic power-sharing technology for proportional distribution in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes. All models also incorporate Blaze Audio’s versatile DSP web app controller, PowerZone Control, for intuitive system setup. The PowerZone Connect 8-channel amplifiers range from 500W to 6000W, with the PowerZone Connect 4008 and 6008 exceeding 3000W — making these two amplifiers the first Blaze Audio models to reach this power rating.

All four Blaze Audio PowerZone Connect 8-channel amplifier models share a rich feature set — making them ideally suited for a wide range of installations. These amplifiers offer 8 balanced Euroblock inputs and 8 unbalanced RCA Phono inputs. They also include S/PDIF digital audio I/O with routing that can be configured via the PowerZone Control web app, a configurable GPIO (General Purpose I/O), along with 8 configurable loudspeaker outputs that utilize Euroblock connectors.