Blaze Audio New Loudspeaker Products Spearheaded by Hugh Sarvis

blaze audio new products

Blaze Audio announced that the company’s development initiatives will soon result in the addition of new loudspeaker products. Recognizing that power amplifiers and loudspeakers go hand in hand, the forthcoming loudspeaker products will enable Blaze Audio to offer complete system solutions for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications.

Blaze Audio’s loudspeaker development efforts are being spearheaded by Hugh Sarvis, a well-known product development engineer whose loudspeaker design efforts have resulted in numerous highly acclaimed products. Sarvis’ experience dates back to the 1970s, during which he provided sound services to artists such as Wynonna Judd, the band Alabama and Waylon Jennings. Having accumulated a wealth of experience during this period, he consolidated his focus on loudspeaker design, with the first product — the Max Series — appearing in 1986 under the Woodworx name. For the next several years, Sarvis’ loudspeaker designs assumed integral roles in Super Bowl 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, Super Bowl 1995 in Miami, Florida and the 1995 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

In 2001, Sarvis officially debuted WorxAudio Technologies, which was widely recognized for its V8 line array, the UltraMax Series and the X-Series line array system, which employed the first 160 degree horizontal dispersion pattern in the world. As the Founder/CEO of WorxAudio Technologies, Sarvis also expanded the company’s presence by developing products for the commercial installation market. In 2014, Sarvis sold his company to PreSonus Audio Electronics of Baton Rouge, LA, whereas Managing Director of the company’s Loudspeaker division, he designed an assortment of PreSonus studio monitors, the ULT series, the Air series and the CDL series.