Blackmagic Design Announces ATEM Mini Pro ISO Production Switcher

blackmagic design atem mini pro

Blackmagic Design announced the ATEM Mini Pro ISO Thursday. It’s a new live production switcher with a five-channel stream recording engine that allows all video inputs to be recorded — allowing a live production to be edited after the event. This also allows users to get a clean feed of all inputs and use edit software multicam features for later editing. ATEM Mini Pro ISO also records all audio files, media pool graphics and a DaVinci Resolve project file.

ATEM Mini switchers stream live to YouTube, Skype or Zoom and the ATEM Mini can switch live between four video camera inputs and a computer for PowerPoint slides or gaming consoles.

All ATEM Mini models have USB that works like a webcam so customers can use any streaming software while the ATEM Mini Pro model adds livestreaming and recording to USB disks. There’s also HDMI out for projectors. Microphone inputs allow desktop and lapel mics for interviews and presentations.

ATEM Mini’s design includes both a control panel as well as connections. The front panel includes buttons for selecting sources, video effects and transitions. On the ATEM Mini Pro model, customers also get buttons for record and streaming control as well as output selection buttons that let customers change the video output between cameras, program and multiview. On the rear panel, there are HDMI connections for cameras or computers, extra microphone inputs, USB for webcam out plus an HDMI “aux” output for program video.

This model adds recording of up to five separate H.264 video streams in real-time (a clean feed of all inputs and plus the live program). A DaVinci Resolve project file is also saved so customers can open their live production to adjust edits, change shots, remix audio and add color correction.

The ATEM Mini Pro ISO model lets customers edit their live event because it can record five video streams, including clean feeds of all inputs and the program recording, all at the same time. Media pool images used are also saved with the video files. The video files include metadata tags such as synced timecode and camera numbers. Imagine re-editing their show with new color grades, effects and graphics. Even the audio sources are all recorded so customers can professionally remix their audio.

With four independent HDMI inputs, customers can connect up to four video cameras. All video sources will re-sync to the switcher if they operate at different video standards.

The ATEM Mini Pro model also supports direct recording of streaming data to USB flash disks. Customers get very long recordings in the same H.264 video files with AAC audio that customers streamed, so they can directly upload to any online video site, such as YouTube and Vimeo. ATEM Mini Pro supports multiple disks when used with a USB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock, so when a disk fills recording can continue to a second disk for non-stop recording. Record settings and disk selection are set up in ATEM Software Control, and there’s a record status view in the built-in multiview.

Each of the four HDMI inputs feature their own dedicated standards converter. ATEM Mini will automatically convert 1080p, 1080i and 720p sources to the video standard of the switcher. The HDMI output is a true “aux” output so customers can clean switch each HDMI input or program to this output. If users are using program/preview switching, the HDMI out can be selected to preview, or on the ATEM Mini Pro model, it can be selected to display a full multiview.

The built-in “media pool” allows the loading of up to 20 separate broadcast quality RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos. Graphics can be loaded via ATEM Software Control or downloaded directly from Photoshop using the ATEM Photoshop plug-in.

For news or on-set presentation work, ATEM Mini has an upstream ATEM Advanced Chroma Key plus an additional downstream linear keyer. Customers can even use it for title overlays by creating graphics with a green or blue background and the keyer will knock out the green and make the background transparent.

The ATEM Mini Pro model also includes a professional multiview that lets customers see all four video inputs, plus preview and program on a single HDMI television or monitor. Each camera view includes tally indicators, so customers know when each source is on-air, and each view also has custom labels and audio meters. Plus multiview even includes status for recording, streaming and the Fairlight audio mixer.

With a built-in Fairlight audio mixer, ATEM Mini makes it possible to do complex live sound mixing. The internal mixer features a total of 12 channels so customers can mix audio from all sources (audio from all HDMI sources and the two stereo mic inputs). Each input channel features the six-band parametric EQ and compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate as well as full panning.

ATEM Mini Pro ISO Features:

  • Miniaturized control panel based design.
  • Built-in support for recording each input as a separate ISO file.
  • Saves DaVinci Resolve project file for one-click editing of live production.
  • Supports connecting up to four cameras or computers.
  • Livestreaming via Ethernet supported on ATEM Mini Pro.
  • USB output operates as a webcam and supports all video software.
  • Automatically standards converts and re-syncs all HDMI inputs.
  • Includes free ATEM Software Control for Mac and Windows.
  • Internal media for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos.
  • Includes ATEM Advanced Chroma Key for green/blue screen work.
  • Multiview allows monitoring of all cameras on ATEM Mini Pro.
  • Audio mixer supports limiter, compressor, six-band EQ

ATEM Mini Pro ISO is $895.