Black Box Releases Reserva Line of Touch Screen Meeting Room Signage Solutions

reserva black box

Black Box introduced the Reserva line of touch screen meeting room signage solutions Thursday. The line is powered by the company’s iCompel digital signage platform. Available in three screen sizes, Reserva signs can provide a customizable user interface that enables users to locate and schedule rooms in an instant.

The Reserva line is available in 10-inch, 15.6-inch, and 21.5-inch models. The two larger displays can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientations, provide visibility from a greater distance and display digital signage in four zones. Also available is the Reserva Wayfinder/Meeting Summary solution for displaying upcoming meetings in reception areas, next to elevators or in other public areas. Reserva Analytics is a browser-based solution that provides room booking data in a dashboard.

With the Reserva interface, organizations can create their own conference room signage and add their unique branding, custom content and background style. The iCompel-driven signs can display any type of digital signage content alongside the meeting room information. Content can be displayed at full screen or in a multi-zone layout on any interactive Reserva meeting room screen or iCompel digital signage.

Each Reserva sign includes the Reserva Connection Manager application, which offers centralized control over each room signage configuration. The Connection Manager is fast and easy to set up, provides integrations with multiple calendar systems, and — when connected to the iCompel CMS — offers remote monitoring of room signs through features such as remote screenshot, support snapshot and offline operation.