BK Johannessen’s ISE 2023 Keynote Proves That Experiential Touches Every Industry

bk johannessen epic games ise 2023 keynote 1

On Day One of ISE 2023, rAVe was excited to attend and cover a keynote all about how content creators are pulling from the game industry to innovate in … pretty much everything. Though many of these projects right now are rooted in the broadcast world, it’s easy to see how this is leaking into ProAV as well.

“This piece of technology is being tested on 70 million people every month,” Johannessen said.

The technology he speaks of is Unreal Engine, a 3D creation tool owned by Epic Games (a company that happens to be headquartered 15 minutes from the rAVe office!). What makes this particularly cool is not all that it can do (which is a lot) but that the tool is open and completely free.

“We can animate this entire room full of people,” Johannessen said. “We could do an interview with a digital human … we can connect these data visualizations to motion capture data.”

With all these possibilities, it’s easy to see how ProAV is going to change soon. It’s just going to take some particularly creative creators to do that.

If you missed the keynote, we also luckily scooped an interview with Johannessen on the ISE 2023 Day One episode of rAVe [TV]. You can check that out below — and I highly recommend that you do. He’s a great keynote speaker but an even better interviewee: