BitWise Controls Unveils Its Newest Product, the BitWise Room Remote

BitWise-Controls---Room-Remote-0813BitWise Controls has a new handheld RF remote that can be used to control all BitWise-connected devices in a room. Called the Room Remote, it includes keys for the most common functions and it allows a room to be controlled with the remote as well as by BitWise apps. The remote and apps stay in sync during use, which means a selection made via control app is automatically transferred to the remote and vice versa — so there is no need to re-select.

Integrators will be able to add a Room Remote and RF receiver to any BitWise controller, and multiple remotes can communicate with a single RF receiver. Additionally, up to 255 remotes can be incorporated into an installation, making this a scalable option for commercial projects — like bars and restaurants. The BitWise Room Remote will be debuting at CEDIA but full specs are here.