BitWise Controls Announces VidaBox LiivNAS GUI Module for Simple Integration into BitWise Control Ecosystem

bitwise_logo_web_v1_2351ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO — FEB. 26, 2014 – BitWise Controls, a leading innovator of powerful and flexible control and automation systems, is happy to announce the addition of a VidaBox LiivNAS GUI Module to its growing lineup of third-party templates and modules available to BitWise Controls integrators.

“The new VidaBox module is an exciting release for us. It’s the easiest way for BitWise dealers to provide an affordable, powerful movie server and playback solution,” says Mark Buster, Chief Technology Officer of BitWise Controls. “The module allows users to browse their movie collection by cover art, and includes search and sort capabilities. Integrated Dune HD support creates a seamless transition between browsing and playback, and it even works with our handheld Room Remote.”

All BitWise modules are single files containing pre-configured GUI content and device programming that are designed to make it easier for dealers to set up, install, and integrate various products and subsystems. Each module is available for download from the Bitwise Dealer Store, where the integrator can see his or her entire module purchase history, making it simple to provide updates, additions, and enhancements in the future.

The VidaBox module works with the company’s LiivNAS media server products and communicates with the LiivNAS server. It automatically generates a clean and simple interface that looks at home within the BitWise Controls ecosystem. Users can browse their movie collection by cover art (which can be displayed in three different sizes) and access dynamic movie details, additional information, and multi-disc playback options on their BitWise system. Integrated Dune HD playback control is included in the module at no extra cost. The VidaBox module even supports BitWise’s Room Remote for control of the Dune HD player (BC1 and BC2 controllers).

“We’re very excited to add compatibility with Bitwise Controls, as it’s been a frequently requested item by many of our dealers. By combining Bitwise Controls and VidaBox media systems, integrators can provide an unbeatable value for integrating home automation along with powerful control of their Blu-ray and DVD movie collections,” says Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox.

The VidaBox LiivNAS module requires iOS devices running on iOS7 or higher, a LiivNAS server, and a Dune HD player hardware for playback support. The module works with BC1, BC2, and BC4 controllers.

For more information, contact Katye (McGregor) Bennett of KMB Communications by phone, +1(425) 328-8640 or email,

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