Binary Releases New MoIP Audio Transmitter and Receiver

BinaryBinary has released its all-new Media-over-IP Audio transmitter and receiver. Designed for residential-based audio distribution, these new components create a multiroom audio experience using the same controller and network as a MoIP A/V system.

MoIP is Binary’s media distribution technology that lets integrators build an AV distribution system for its customers using a network. With the addition of MoIP Audio, multiroom sound can be distributed on the same MoIP system, allowing the audio to break out from the AV system and distribute premium sound without audio delay.

By incorporating individual transmitters and receivers, MoIP Audio works as a scalable way to distribute multiroom audio in any size project — working both as a point-to-point solution and as a larger audio over IP system. Plus, MoIP has OvrC built-in, SnapAV’s cloud-based remote management and monitoring platform that allows dealers to install, monitor, and troubleshoot connected devices remotely.

Other features include audio synchronization that eliminates audio delay, as well as a stand-alone app for when third-party control isn’t available.