Biamp’s New Voltera Amplifiers Designed to Meet ENERGY STAR Requirements

biamp voltera amplifiers

Biamp today announced the launch of its new Voltera family of power amplifiers. The new line of amplifiers consists of four models that are compact, flexible, reliable, efficient for commercial install applications and designed to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.

The Voltera family includes four models, two of which are two-channel analog amplifiers delivering a total of 300 or 600 watts that can be shared as desired per channel, and two that are four-channel analog amplifiers delivering a total of 300 or 600 watts, of which up to 50% can be delivered by any channel. Simple, intuitive mode switches enable fast deployment of any mix of Lo-Z/Hi-Z loudspeakers. Voltera amplifiers do not require software configuration, making them fast and easy to use with passive loudspeakers that do not need equalization.

Voltera amplifiers come with several mounting accessories, including a 19 inch (48 centimeter) single mount for one amplifier, a 19 inch (48 centimeter) tandem mount for two amplifiers in one rack unit, a surface mount for vertical or upside-down mounting and feet for horizontal mounting on a shelf. The diverse range of mounting options make Voltera amplifiers suitable for a range of environments, including corporate, hospitality, worship or education settings.