Biamp Debuts New Vocia Paging Station Kit

Vocia_PSKIT-1_front-1213Biamp Systems today added to its public address and voice evacuation system, Vocia, with the PSKIT-1 interface kit and 1.5.2 software. The PSKIT-1 is a standalone paging station kit that allows for direct connection to third-party equipment, such as legacy paging stations and fireman’s microphone panels. The PSKIT-1 features embedded DSP and on-board memory to support standard and advanced public address and mass notification functionalities. The PSKIT-1 can store 999 user-defined page codes, and device-specific configuration information is stored locally within the unit.

The Vocia 1.5.2 software update enables one-button paging functionality across all of the Biamp paging station devices (DS-10, WS-10, EWS-10, PSKIT-1). This streamlined functionality facilitates quicker page message delivery while allowing end users to define single-digit custom paging codes.

The Vocia 1.5.2 software update is available for download here.

The PSKIT-1 will be available in February 2014. Here are the specs.