Biamp Introduces Vocia 1.6 With Nurse Call Integration

biamp-vocia-nurse-0214Biamp Systems’ new Vocia 1.6 with Nurse Call Integration (NCI) is a networked public address and voice evacuation system that combines zoned paging and prioritization with simple system supervision to provide critical messaging capabilities.

Part of Vocia’s networked public address and voice evacuation system, the Biamp NCI system enhances the line’s professional-grade critical paging capabilities. Engineered to decrease noise levels, reduce alarm fatigue and increase response times by targeting specific departments within facilities, the system enables zoned paging and prioritization of critical messages to eliminate the disturbance of patients from “all-call” pages. As a result, staff only receives pertinent paging messages, contributing to faster reaction times, quieter hospitals, and a more restful patient environment.

Created specifically for healthcare facilities, the NCI package enables a direct connection to new or existing supported nurse call systems. Messages are automatically assigned a zone and priority level before being streamed via Ethernet and played over an existing PA network. Playback can include speaking via microphone, pressing a bedside or nurse station button, or selecting preset messages from a digital switchboard. The Vocia-enabled solution consists of the Text-to-Speech Nurse Call Server (TTS-1nc), Message Server (MS-1) and Vocia Output (VO-4e) device. The entire system can also be easily supervised both onsite and remotely, and thanks to a decentralized architecture, eliminates the potential for a single point of system failure.

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