Biamp Systems Introduces the Oreno Suite

biamp-conference-0615Biamp Systems today unveiled its all-new Oreno platform — one of the products featured on our InfoComm TOP 10 TOUR. Created specifically for conferencing environments, the system has the ability to control any Biamp Tesira — equipped conference room via mobile devices. Designed to simplify the complexity of conference room setups, the Oreno suite is comprised of three core components: Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager and the Oreno User Interface (UI).

Ideal for standalone or multi-room conference settings using Tesira or TesiraFORTÉ, the Oreno suite allows participants to lock access to specific conference rooms during a meeting, place calls, and recall presets from Web-enabled devices.

To expedite the creation of the user interface, the Oreno Creator tool provides a simple UI builder, which uses drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates. This allows for end user customization, while eliminating the need for complex programming. The Oreno Manager allows control to be passed to the end user. Deployed onsite on a Windows PC or virtual machine, Oreno Manager provides systems administration tools and network management capabilities. Running in the browser of Web-enabled devices, the Oreno UI provides complete mobile control of a room’s audio functions without the need for any software to be installed on the user’s personal device — creating a flawless conferencing experience for any meeting participant. Biamp engaged Blink UX to help create a world class meeting room experience. Blink UX — a leading User Experience Research and Design Firm — helped Biamp design and test the user experience and UI for Oreno.

It will deliver this fall and here are all the tech specs.