Biamp Parle Can Now Automatically Direct AVer PTZ Cameras

biamp aver

AVer Information announced a technology partnership with Biamp for its intelligent camera tracking solution. This collaboration uses data from Biamp Parlé conferencing microphones with Beamtracking technology to automatically trigger AVer cameras and focus on active participants, ensuring everyone feels engaged and seen.

Beamtracking Parlé microphones continuously identify active speakers anywhere in the room. This voice data, combined with the features of Biamp Tesira digital signal processors, delivers a rich audio experience with voice reproduction. AVer’s camera tracking solution seamlessly integrates with this dynamic data stream, translating it into real-time camera actions.

For camera control, this system offers presenter tracking to automatically follow the presenter, zone tracking for pre-defined areas, and a hybrid mode for combining the two. This flexibility, along with support for a wide range of AVer cameras and Biamp Parlé conferencing microphones, allows integrators to design conferencing experiences tailored to each room’s specific needs.

An FAQ on the partnership is here: