Biamp Introduces the Desono C-IC6LP and DX-IC6LP Loudspeakers

biamp loudspeaker portfolio desono c ic6lp dx ic6lp

Biamp today introduced a series of new additions to its loudspeaker portfolio designed to solve installation challenges across an array of applications. The new additions include the Desono C-IC6LP and DX-IC6LP low-profile, high-efficiency ceiling-mount loudspeakers for conference rooms, as well as a range of affordable commercial loudspeakers compatible with the Vocia line of voice communication solutions, all of which are now available globally.

The Desono C-IC6LP and DX-IC6LP offer low-profile ceiling loudspeaker form factors with a 4 inch (10 centimeters) mounting depth. Optimized for speech reproduction in conferencing environments, the C-IC6LP is a two-way 6.5 inch (16.5 centimeters) passive coaxial loudspeaker with either standard category cable or traditional speaker cable installation connection. Both the Desono C-IC6LP and DX-IC6-LP are identical in appearance and performance; the only difference is the C-IC6 includes RJ45 jacks (for connection to the Biamp AMP-450BP) and is low-impedance only (no transformer). The DX-IC6LP includes a switchable 60W transformer and low-z tap and omits the RJ45 jacks.

When paired with Biamp’s Vocia voice communication system, the new commercial loudspeakers deliver a streamlined installation experience, resulting in cost savings and added voice intelligibility. The Biamp DC220T is a 2 inch by 2 inch (61 centimeter by 61 centimeter) lay-in tile ceiling loudspeaker that provides wide coverage and higher output, ideal for high ceiling applications. The Biamp CM10TB is a one-way 5.5 inch (14 centimeter) in-ceiling back-can loudspeaker that delivers clear audio for speech reinforcement applications. Designed with the installer in mind, the CM10TB can be blind-mounted from below the ceiling, while the grille is a standard push-fit for install and removal, and it is compatible with Desono accessories, including the new construction bracket, trim ring and 48 inch (122 centimeter) tile rail kit.

For system integration flexibility when designing end-to-end Vocia voice communication systems, newly enhanced commercial horn and surface mount loudspeakers are now available worldwide thanks to the inclusion of 70V taps. The loudspeakers are ideal for warehouse applications, such as paging, intercom and background music in production lines, mechanical rooms and break rooms, as well as retail and hospitality or gymnasium venues.

  • H10 – Compact compression horn loudspeaker
  • H20 – Compression horn loudspeaker
  • H30LT – Long-throw compression horn loudspeaker
  • MPLT62 – Two-way 6 inch (15 centimeter), all horn-loaded, full-range reproduction loudspeaker
  • OVO3T – Two-way, 3 inch (8 centimeter) surface mount loudspeaker
  • OVO5T – Two-way 5.25 inch (13 centimeter) surface mount loudspeaker