Biamp Announces New Line of Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers Without Dante

BIamp 1

Biamp’s ALC-404D, ALC-1604D, and ALC-3202D Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers with DSP and Dante but, are in short supply, mainly due to the temporary unavailability of the Dante chipset used within these models. So, today, Biamp announced three new ALC models that will assure ALC system design continuity for the majority of users, ALC-404AN, ALC-1604AN, and ALC-3202AN.

These new ALC-AN models provide the exact same performance as the ALC-D models. They maintain the existing internal DSP that is the core of ALC performance, the only difference is the new ALC-AN models omit Dante inputs but maintain the existing Analog inputs used by a majority of Biamp customers. ALC-AN models are 100% compatible with existing ALC-D designs and may be easily substituted in any ArmoníaPlus project. Additionally, ALC-AN models also maintain full compatibility with the Biamp and Community loudspeaker libraries in ArmoníaPlus. Using an ALC-AN in software and in the field is identical to using an ALC-D model, with the exception of the Dante inputs.

Effective immediately, ALC-D models will be shipped on a first come, first served basis until supply is exhausted. Some models, like the extremely popular ALC-1604D, are already in extremely short supply. The ALC-D models are not being discontinued, they will simply be unavailable until supply of Dante chips is once again secure. The supply chain challenges are not expected to be permanent, nor is the unavailability of ALC-D models. However, Biamp does not currently have sufficient information to predict when deliveries of ALC-D models will resume. Until that time, they will ship the new ALC-404AN, ALC-1604AN, and ALC-3202AN models to all customers worldwide.