AVPhenom to Demonstrate WORLD’S FIRST “Beyond 8K” Viewer LIVE!

Beyond 8K

I am proud to announce that given my writing on the subject of resolutions that span from UHD, 4K and beyond, I have been chosen to demonstrate an exclusive new technology on the InfoComm16 floor.

We all know that the real advantages of UHD, 4K, and 8K will come to fruition as we continue to add native content in these resolutions.

Anyone following or attending NAB and companies like RED with their Dragon cameras and accessories are well aware that the ability to create content is rapidly advancing.

As we start to bring content development in house, it is important not to waste valuable resources and to be well versed in laying out all of your shots before you reserve the equipment needed to record them.

This is why I was chosen to demonstrate some new technology on the floor at InfoComm this year, that allows you to frame any shot you may want to record.  You simply align the shot viewer framing the subject matter to be recorded and look through the viewing window to assure everything is how you want it to be laid out.  You can adjust the viewer to any aspect ratio simply by moving your hands slightly, and the viewing window allows you to see the images in resolutions “Beyond 8K” TM.

Come see me on the Infocomm floor to get a preview of this amazing technology as well as some tips on techniques to adjust the focal range and aspect ratios.

I have also attached a picture of a field test I have done below.

See you on the floor #AVTweeps!

Field Testing with the “Beyond 8K” TM viewer.