Beyerdynamic Releases Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles

beterdynamic unite wireless intercom bundle

Beyerdynamic announced its new Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles. The new bundles include:

  • 1-TP Unite Bodypack Transmitter — Optimized for speech and includes an external microphone or headset connector. It has DSP function, three audio interfaces (USB, analog and Bluetooth), and a mute function.
  • 3-, 7- or 11-RP-T Unite Bodypack Receivers — The receiver includes a talkback button, an integrated microphone, alternative headset connection, DSP functions, a long operating time a connectable inductive loop for hard of hearing users.
  • 4-, 8-, or 12-DT 287 Unite Single-Ear Headsets — An 80-ohm headset with beyerdynamic’s signature comfort earcup and headband. It’s driven by a neodymium magnet system and includes a 0.9-meter cable with a Unite K 287 connector.

A 4-slot CDS-4/2, 8-slot CDD-8/4 Cockpit desktop charger, or 12-slot CR-12P Rack charger includes charging slots for both hand-held and pocket devices. An Ethernet connection allows for network integration for extended configuration, firmware updates, monitoring and pairing. To protect against unauthorized listening, a code is generated by the charger that is transmitted to the device during the pairing process to secure the channel. It also includes a function switch for pairing and reset and a USB-C connector for pairing and charging.

Here are more details: