beyerdynamic Intros the Classis GM 315 RC and RM 31 RC Remote Control Gooseneck and Revoluto Vertical-Array Microphones

beyerdynamic-classis-0616beyerdynamic, a world leading manufacturer of headphones, microphones and conference systems, is introducing the GM 315 RC and RM 31 RC: unique, versatile gooseneck and vertical-array microphones with remote control functions. The microphones are designed for flexible installation in boardrooms, educational facilities, podiums and houses of worship. Through this technology, users are able to select a microphone that is able to control or to be controlled by an external button, multimedia or DSP system.

The beyerdynamic RC microphones support a programmable button with functions including push to talk, push to mute, as well as ON/OFF.  If needed, the button can be disabled to work in remote control mode.  The switchable, low-cut filter is able to suppress pick-up noise, wind, or pop noise and the LED ring can be disabled. The microphone can be powered with any phantom power source supplying P12 to P48.

beyerdynamic’s Revoluto and gooseneck microphone series provide the highest sound quality for vocal applications. The integrated Scudio technology eliminates any unwanted interference from mobile phones, and ensures the optimal audio quality and intelligibility of speech.

The RC microphones are suitable for any installation where the technician needs full control over the microphone, or the speaker needs control of room functions.

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