beyerdynamic Introduces the TG 1000 Wireless System- Now Dante-Enabled

ISE Hall 1, Booth M122, February 2017 – beyerdynamic will be presenting a new version of the TG 1000 digital wireless system at the ISE 2017. This 24-bit system now has a Dante interface and can be integrated seamlessly into digital audio networks based on the popular Audinate solution. The TG 1000 dual receiver is equipped with a Dante network interface in the form of an RJ45 connector flanked by status LEDs on the back of the 19″ device (1 HU). The dual receiver’s analogue audio output also comes with a modern digital option – perfect connectivity guaranteed without inconvenient interfaces.

The Dante network solution from the Australian company Audinate is extremely popular in all professional audio applications, and in recent years has established itself worldwide at live events, studios, and in fixed installations. Dante transfers uncompressed digital audio data via standard IP networks; thus, interference-prone, inconvenient multi core copper cables are replaced with cost-effective Ethernet connections. With the help of clearly designed software, even complex networks can be configured with just a few clicks of a mouse. Dante is supported by numerous pro audio manufacturers and allows for effortless multi-channel signal exchange, with negligible latency, between hundreds of pro audio products available on the market.

TG 1000: reliable, flexible, future-proof

The beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless system has an impressive switching bandwidth of 319 MHz in the UHF range (470 – 789 MHz), guaranteeing long-term investment security and smooth operation across the globe. Operation is extremely intuitive thanks to the high-contrast OLED display, one button navigation and Chameleon software.

When it comes to sound, the TG 1000 system impresses with outstanding dynamic range and optimal sound transparency. Up to six dual receivers can be cascaded without the need for external antenna splitters.

The total latency from transmitter to receiver is only 2.1 milliseconds. In optimal environmental conditions, the transition range can reach up to 300 meters. In a business environment, optional proprietary encryption ensures that sensitive information remains confidential. The TG 1000 system components bear the “Made in Germany” quality seal, are made with a high level of expertise in Heilbronn using robust, high-quality materials only.

There is a comprehensive assortment of capsules available for the TG 1000 handheld transmitter that, in addition to dynamic variants and first-class condenser capsules, also includes the legendary beyerdynamic TG V90w ribbon module. The TG MM1w interchangeable capsule can be used in combination with the TG 1000 handheld transmitter to calibrate public address systems in theaters, at live concerts and at festivals.

Lavalier, neckworn and earhook microphones are available for use with the TG 1000 beltpack transmitter, and discerning instrumentalists appreciate the beyerdynamic Touring Gear instrument microphones. The ergonomically designed TG 1000 transmitters, which can be synchronized using the FastSync function in less than a second, facilitate around eight hours of constant use; the transmission performance can be switched between 10 mW and 50 mW. An extensive range of accessories, from an intelligent charger with network connection to flexible antenna management, completes the offer and transforms the beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless system into a perfect, painstakingly designed solution for every application – and now, thanks to the Dante interface, it can be part of the complete digital workflow of modern audio networks.

beyerdynamic will be presenting the TG 1000 wireless system with Dante for the first time from February 7-10, 2017 at the Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam (Hall 1, Booth M122).

The recommended retail price for the TG 1000 dual receiver is EUR 3000, EUR 800 for the TG 1000 handheld transmitter, and EUR 850 for the TG 1000 beltpack transmitter. The TG 1000 wireless system with Dante interface will be available for purchase from authorized retailers beginning in May 2017.