Beyerdynamic Adds Firmware Update for Phonum

beyerBeyerdynamic just announced a firmware update for Phonum, its wireless Bluetooth and USB speakerphone. This firmware update actually brings new features to its conferencing tool. One of the most notable updates is the improved button synchronization using Microsoft Teams when a USB connection is active (including easier answering/hanging up calls and synchronous mute functionality). It also has a USB auto power-on: As soon as Phonum is connected to a powered-on laptop via a USB cable, the device starts automatically and is immediately ready for operation. When connected to a charging device, an automatic announcement of the battery status is made.

The audio enhancements included with the update are:

  • The volume levels have been set to maximum sound with minimum distortion and the last used volume is saved for the next session.
  • The voice output has been prioritized (over music), independent of the connection source.
  • If the Phonum is connected to a smartphone, via Bluetooth in addition to an active USB connection (laptop), the existing voice application is prioritized. Secondary voice calls are now possible and it will provide user-notifications with blinking LEDs.

A notable bug fix is that there is no possible distortion noise from Bluetooth devices during voice call via a USB connection.

Beyerdynamic’s Phonum combines three capsules in the microphone for high-quality sound with proprietary technology that captures all spoken words and eliminates echo sound or background noise. Designed for mobile conferences over the internet, the Phonum operates through Bluetooth with a PC, laptop or smartphone. For increased functionality, the Phonum features a USB port for applications with poor radio communication. Phonum enhances large conferences, including video and teleconference, for up to eight people with three microphone modes, including omnidirectional, cardioid and beamforming. The beamforming mode automatically adjusts the microphone in the direction of the person speaking.

Phonum is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours and can be charged through the USB port. Users can operate Phonum through intuitive touch sensors, allowing the user the accept or end calls, increase or decrease the volume, select polar patterns, and mute or active the microphone. Phonum includes a hard case for conference on the go and a USB-C cable for charging and conferencing.