Better Late Than Never: ClearOne Finally Sells Prepackaged Home UCC Solution

clearone prepackaged home ucc

To meet the home office market demand for professional-quality audio and video UCC solutions ClearOne just launched Aura, a set of “good, better, best” packages of enterprise quality audio, video, audio-video options with a free COLLABORATE Space lifetime subscription.

ClearOne says its data indicated that 88% of employers globally have encouraged or required employees to work from home, but only 18% of these employees have the adequate infrastructure in place to effectively do this. Aura solutions are geared for high performance professionals across multiple industries. Available direct to remote working professionals or from qualified ClearOne resellers, Aura claims to meet this growing need for easy-to-purchase and commercial quality solutions that deliver HDConference audio and true-to-life video technology through a variety of professional microphone, audio conferencing, videoconferencing, camera and collaboration component choices that optimize home office acoustic and aesthetic aspirations.