Best of CEDIA 2015 Awards

bestofcedia2015-116Welcome to the 2015 Best of CEDIA Awards! This year’s CEDIA Expo, was held in Dallas, TX and was the largest show in over five years. At the show, CEDIA launched its new branding, which looked great, it was Vin Bruno’s first CEDIA as the organization’s CEO and the show saw more than 18,700 attendees.

Here is the list of award winners from rAVe that represent the BEST of this year’s CEDIA EXPO.

Each link below is a video we shot of the product from CEDIA and you can hear each winner describing the product in their own words. If you missed anything from this year’s show, we shot over 670 product videos, over 500 photos and posted more than 200 news stories and blogs. It all lives here on the 2015 CEDIA EXPO MicroSite.