Is The Best New Product at InfoComm 2019 Actually a SaaS Service?

Liberty AV just had a bag of money fall out of the sky and hit them in the head by being gifted the U.S. distribution rights for a start-up company called Teleportivity, which is launching a product using the same name here at InfoComm 2019. You’ll want to see this product as it’s an actual game-changer in transforming the service of both sales and tech support. Don’t believe me? OK, here’s video demo we shot today on the show floor:

It’s not often that I brand something as game-changing. And, if you actually watched that video, that statement doesn’t need justification. And, ironically, Teleportivity does a terrible job branding itself by describing its technology as a “cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) video-based platform” as it’s way, way more than that. Really, a better description is face-to-face sales, concierge and technical support (from remote locations) via video, without even trying. The technology is being launched inside the Liberty AV booth here at InfoComm 2019 in booth #2021. Oh, and NO, this isn’t a sponsored post or a paid ad — this service is that good. It. Is. Game-Changing.

And, to be quite honest, I can’t really write a good description of the service myself either – just WATCH THE VIDEO WE SHOT — PLEASE!

Teleportivity also uses QR and SmarTag NFC codes that can unlock access for the customer to self-guided resources, including tutorial videos and instructions. The Teleportivity video platform could also be used as information stations in malls, airports, universities, hotels, meeting rooms, classrooms, in warehouses to give people an option to ask a question, find directions or gather other information. It can be deployed in a kiosk setting or on individual mobile devices. At a minimum, AV integrators can use Teleportivity, immediately, as a support service for all their installed clients. Think of all the on-site service calls this will eliminate!

Teleportivity is here.