Is This the Best New K-12 Product at InfoComm? We Think So

In a tiny 10×10 booth in the middle of the show floor debuted the best new K-12 product we saw at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Fla.. Pilot, as the product is called, is from a company that’s known for document cameras, HoverCam. Pilot is basically a glass-topped lectern (even though they call it a podium) that’s integrated with a 21″ 10-touch capable touch-screen monitor (flat mounted behind the glass on the left side of the lectern), a built-in i5 core Windows 10 computer, a 13-megapixel 4K output document camera, an iPad doc two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and a wireless 4K capable transmitter (in case you don’t want to use the HDMI output). Yes, all of that is inside this very cool looking lectern on wheels for $2,500.

Huh? Yes, $2,500.

Aimed at K-12, this product WILL crossover to the university arena too. rAVe founder Gary Kayye teaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the School of Media and Journalism and he’s ordered one to replace the desk at the front of his classroom — he says he’ll be using it as a connection hub for ad-hoc teaching. Sure, he’s still have the rack with the Extron live-streaming system with the SMP-351, their matrix and the retractable Cable Cubby but the Pilot, since it’s mobile, allows a teacher to make any part of the room the “front of the room.”

Here’s a video we shot of the Pilot at UBTech last week prior to InfoComm as well as the video we shot at InfoComm. Watch them and you’ll fall in love with this product!