Best Buy Enters ProAV Integration Market

Best Buy 0810

You think the economy was bad for business, wait til you have to compete with Best Buy in the ProAV integration space.

That’s right! Best Buy has officially launched themselves into commercial AV design and integration and is actively seeking employees who want to get on the ground floor of their new ProAV strategy.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Below is a screenshot of the page, which is from Best Buy’s Audio Video Jobs site, in case it changes or gets removed.


So, what to do?

Well, step one — who’s empowering them? You can’t sell and integrate ProAV wares without being set up as dealers for them. So, I took the time to see which manufacturers are selling commercial AV products through Best Buy – so you’d be educated. Here’s what I found:

Control4: They launched their plan to enter the commercial AV market at InfoComm and even bragged about their largest ProAV install to date, the Las Vegas Aria Resort Hotel in CityCenter. Oh, by the way, guess who installed that? Best Buy’s Magnolia division.

Casio: So, now you know who’s buying all those Casio projectors!

Optoma: Their entire sub-$1000 line is sold through Best Buy, but not the “high-end” models. For that, you gotta go Casio…

Samsung: They’re the preferred line to spec for digital signage apps within Best Buy.

Elite Screens: Apparently, they’re the vendor of choice for commercial AV installs?!?

Star Tech: That’s the sum of their video routing and distribution line.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: they’re not selling market-leading technology, so why worry?

Because they’re Best Buy – that’s why! They WILL and ARE pursuing the market-leading manufacturers and they will compete with you on both local and national integration jobs. And, they might even make a few acquisitions to gain access to product and intellectual property.

Plus, they know how to drive sales through reduced margins and win big jobs.

So, that’s why.