2016 Best of CEDIA Awards


Welcome to the 2016 Best of CEDIA Awards! This year’s CEDIA Expo, was held in Dallas, TX and attendance topped just over 18,750 attendees this year – it beat the 2015 show by 50 attendees (a measurable feat considering the show was in the exact same place two years in a row). The show hosted over 500 exhibitors, 115 CEDIA training sessions, 13 CEDIA Talks, 6 free CEDIA Panel Sessions, and several events that provided attendees an opportunity to think big for the future of their business.

Each year after the show, our staff gets together to select what we think was the best of the best on the show floor. Here is the list of award winners from rAVe that represent the BEST of this year’s CEDIA EXPO.

Each link below is a video we shot of the product from CEDIA and you can hear each winner describing the product in their own words. If you missed anything from this year’s show, we shot over 700 product videos, over 100 photos and posted more than 110 news stories and blogs. It all lives here on the 2016 CEDIA EXPO MicroSite.