BenQ Ships CinePro Series 4K UHD HDR Home Cinema Projectors

BenQ today announced the availability of its HT8060 and HT9060 CinePro 4K UHD HDR home cinema projectors. Leveraging BenQ’s CinematicColor tech and a new DLP chipset, the new engines are the industry’s first sub-$10K installation projectors to deliver true 4K (3840×2160) high dynamic range (HDR) with authentic cinematic reproduction that makes viewers feel as if they’ve been transported to the cinema.

The CinePro Series HT8060 and HT9060 4K UHD HDR projectors are THX-Certified, include CinematicColor and Rec.709 color gamut. BenQ provides a factory calibration report to ensure the projector was tested and adjusted for precise D65 color temperature, gamma, black level, white level, neutral gray, RGBCMY color tracking, hue, saturation, brightness and output from different interfaces based on ITU-R Rec. 709. The HT9060 combines CinematicColor with the Philips ColorSpark HLD LED system to reach the American film industry’s DCI-P3 color space.

The CinePro 4K UHD Series also has an optional Panamorph Paladin anamorphic lens, which delivers the immersive 2.4:1 aspect ratio of commercial cinemas without letterboxing.

BenQ’s CinePro Series projectors are Imaging Science Foundation’s (ISF) ISFccc Certified Visual Calibration and the image and color performance of these projectors can be customized for any space, along with preset light balance modes for day and night.

BenQ’s CinePro Series 4K UHD HDR home cinema projectors are now available for $7,999 (HT8060) and $8,999 (HT9060) and here are the details.