BenQ Releases Latest Golf Simulator Projector, the LH600ST


BenQ announced its latest golf simulator projector, the $1,099 BenQ LH600ST, a 4LED light engine that can be placed about 10 feet from the screen. In addition, BenQ says it is making it easy to calculate and see the room dynamics for almost any golf-sim setup, including 1:1, with its new 3D Golf Simulation Room Planner. BenQ also says it has integrated the X-Sign Broadcast software for IT managers, “converting any BenQ board into digital signage.” This, coupled with the AMS software, offers real-time device analytics, streamlining management of apps and OTA updates across all BenQ devices, according to the company. An added advantage is the IP5X dust-proof certification, which BenQ says “guarantees durable operation even in dust-prone environments.”

The 1920 x 1080p resolution BenQ LH600ST features 4LED light technology with a 20,000-hour life that the company claims eliminates the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps and starts without waiting for a lamp to warm up. With 95% Rec. 709 coverage, users can use the projector for golf, movies and games.

For most golf simulation setups, BenQ says using a short throw projector ensures it is located where needed to fill the screen while being mounted safely outside the hitting area and without casting a shadow. With 0.69-0.83 throw ratios, the LH600ST can project a 164″ image outside the swing zone and without shadows, which makes it an option for golf sim setups in garages or other environments with limited space. To counteract the trapezoid effect when a projector is installed or placed off-center, the LH600ST offers a 2D keystone correction range of up to ±30° on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Corner Fit control adjusts each corner for “perfectly aligned image geometry.”