BenQ Now Shipping Germ-Resistant BenQ Boards

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BenQ is shipping its germ-resistant BenQ Board RM03 and RP03 Series aimed at the education market. The germ-resistant BenQ Boards are purpose-built for teachers so that they can provide learning opportunities, starting from the moment they sign on. In 2019, BenQ introduced a classroom display that uses a combination of NFC technology (like Apple Pay) and cloud-based data to transform how teachers and IT departments use and manage interactive displays. For any district looking to improve classroom efficiency and security, BenQ Board Tap and Teach technology provides instant teacher personalization that redeems lost classroom time, secure and seamless access to cloud-based lessons and content that they’re already using, and effortless integration with Active Directory infrastructure for IT management.

All interactive displays in BenQ’s education portfolio feature a 4K UHD screen with ClassroomCare, a proprietary line of health-centric technologies that includes the industry’s only germ-resistant screens, air-quality sensors, and new Eyesafe technology for reducing blue light emissions — as well as flicker-free and anti-glare to reduce eye strain and create a comfortable viewing experience. Displays have up to 40 points of simultaneous touch recognition with no lag, InstaShare to wirelessly present to the screen from anywhere, instant and secure access to network files and leading cloud-based applications. Additionally, they feature BenQ’s EZWrite 6 license-free annotation and whiteboard software, front-accessible I/Os including USB-C, built-in speakers and microphones, and centralized management and signage features for technology administrators. With BenQ Boards, educators can be as efficient and effective on the displays as they are on PCs, with features such as the ability to run two applications side by side and an optional slot-in PC to expand onboard functions even further.