BenQ Launches BenQ Academy


BenQ has launched the BenQ Academy, a new website that provides teachers with a resource to simplify mastering BenQ Boards with free on-demand training. BenQ Academy currently offers multiple courses to address different BenQ Board models, functions and skill levels.

For example, the company’s “Getting Started” course introduces teachers to the BenQ Board, providing them with an overview of the smart board’s hardware, the pointer and spotlight feature, how to sign in, the sidebar and Floating Tool and more.

The “Before You Teach” courses dig deeper into personal settings, connecting peripherals via Bluetooth and streaming videos.

The EZ Write videos demonstrate how to use the draw tools; saving, sharing and importing files; screen recording; cloud whiteboarding and more.

All courses are provided in digestible bites and ensure teachers walk away with a firm knowledge of how to use the wide range of innovative features offered by BenQ Boards, according to the company.