BenQ Delivers Voice-Controlled, Purpose-Built Interactive Flat Panels for Education

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Jan. 24, 2019 — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, is expanding its portfolio of interactive flat panels (IFPs) for education. The new Premium RP Series boasts classroom-ready features and a user-friendly interface that make it easy for educators to create personalized, collaborative and engaging curricula. The 4K UHD IFP lineup includes the 65″ RP6501K, 75″ RP7501K and 86″RP8601K to fit any big or small classroom.

“Educators have a huge responsibility to use technology in a way that will spark new aptitudes in learning. However, many solutions available are cumbersome to operate, time-consuming to develop content with, and can be unhealthy with prolonged use,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director, business, education and CinePro solutions at BenQ America Corp. “BenQ is the first display company to prioritize healthy learning with thoughtful features that make the display intuitive and help teachers easily achieve goals.”

Health-Focused Technology Users
When it comes to effective learning, health matters. Bad indoor air quality will decrease learning efficiency and expose students at risk of lifelong health problems. That’s why the series incorporates an air-quality sensor, which helps monitor the carbon dioxide concentration level in classrooms and reminds teachers to adopt necessary mechanisms to keep carbon dioxide concentration at an ideal level.

In addition, BenQ Smart Eye-Care technology eliminates the health effects associated with blue light and glare. The IFPs intuitively sense when someone is close to the screen, which will automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features. Certified by TÜV Rheinland, these features keep flicker and blue light emission from impacting eye health. Finally, the Germ-Resistant Screen, which is made up of a multilayer coating of the nontoxic, enduring nanoionic silver agent, kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevents cross-infection or epidemic in classrooms. The ionic silver’s antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.

Classroom-Ready Display Innovations
Transitioning to collaborative learning isn’t easy. With that in mind, BenQ developed a suite of features that are designed to make the process seamless and simple. The RP Series is cloud-enabled, and when combined with BenQ’s EZWrite 5.0 platform, the IFP becomes a hub where teachers and students can share ideas, notes and opinions and make annotations on screen captures from any app, video, website, document or image. Participants can also make annotation on the screen from their devices, regardless of their location. Teachers can download and upload files to cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, directly from the screen. This feature eliminates the step of accessing files from USB and makes it easy for teachers to start class and modify their materials on the fly.

The IFPs come with dual pens that allow two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors. Within Brush Mode, participants can also use a physical paintbrush to meld technology and art. With the handwriting recognition feature, the IFP instantly converts written text, numbers, forms and drawings into easily legible digital text without having to switch modes.

Voice-Activated Control
The premium IFP series offers an extra level of flexibility for device control through Voice Assistant, allowing teachers to control the flow of the class, such as starting the timer or searching the internet from wherever they are in the classroom. Teachers can easily control the IFP through voice control or remote control, further ensuring a smooth classroom experience for both students and teachers.

Always on Point
Some touch technology can be finicky and requires the utmost care in how and where users touch the screen. BenQ resolved this roadblock with twice the touch resolution. Using advanced fine IR touch technology, the IFP reduces the gap between the actual landing point and the point displayed on the screen. Additionally, the new series allows teachers to create more natural handwriting as the new touch frame recognizes a smaller radius. To avoid creating cursive handwriting by accident, it also reduces the pre-touch distance, which perfects the touch and writing experience.

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