Benefits of Tradeshow Classes

This was the first year that I attended at three-day class before to the InfoComm show opened to the masses. Previously, I have only attended workshops and seminars during the InfoComm show.

I participated in the AV Design 1: Environment class. The reason I took this class is as prep for my retake of the CTS-D exam.  Sadly, I did not pass the exam, but I am okay with that.  Read back to a previous blog to see why I am okay with this setback.


I feel that I received a lot of value out of the three-day design class. I was able to apply some of the topics discussed to the CTS-D exam. I feel that I have a better handle on the math that is needed to calculate various scenarios.  The class schedule for each day allowed for well-timed breaks and a great lunch.

The best part about the class besides learning? I was able to network with other like-minded individuals. There were others in the class that were looking to take their CTS-D and there were others that just wanted to be more knowledgeable. Either way, we all had the desire to grow.

I highly recommend that anyone attending the InfoComm show consider taking a seminar, workshop, or three-day class. The ability to learn and network with other great people in this industry make these classes invaluable.