My (Belated) InfoComm Review

No other AV publication or agency produced as much content around InfoComm19 as rAVe. I mean, it wasn’t even close. Gary did a ton of pre-show interviews and previews, Johnny and Victoria ran the podcast booth on the show floor at the Peerless-AV booth and were booked day in and day out, and an army of interns made hundreds of videos with exhibitors in their booths showcasing new products.

With all that content, it’s honestly hard sometimes for me to find where I can add to the conversation in a unique and valuable way.

The show for me was short. I came in Tuesday night late and attended a couple networking events. I taught a class and ran a workshop on Wednesday and I attended a couple networking events. I visited a handful of booths Thursday and attended a couple of networking events. Friday, I was on a plane back to Cali by 7:40 a.m.

I didn’t get to visit the booths in the back 40 to uncover hidden gems. I didn’t get to do a podcast onsite. I didn’t get to do any behind the velvet ropes product tours. I didn’t even get to run the 5K or dunk Chuck or Gary.

However even with all the things I missed, I still got tremendous value out of the show. I was able to teach on a topic I am passionate about, the “why” behind AV and how it works on a human level. I was able to do a fireside chat-style workshop where we made some very personal connections. I was able to meet some people in real life that I only knew online and form deeper relationships with them. I was able to meet with people on the strategy level to discuss ways to drive business and develop new business models.

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Given all that, I have no regrets about how I spent the little time I had at InfoComm 2019, but I do have a few things I will make sure to add to my InfoComm 2020 experience.

Next year I’ll come in Tuesday and attend the TIDE conference. I’ll also be hosting a fried chicken tour of Vegas. Like this year, I’ll prioritize teaching a course, attend networking events to increase my connections and work hard to uncover opportunities to develop new lines of business and best practices as opposed to spend all my time on product pitches.

The great part is that even if your priorities are different than mine, the plethora of exhibitors, educational opportunities and standards development committees assure that you’ll find something you’re looking for.

Thanks to rAVe and AVIXA for the opportunities to connect around this annual event and I look forward to seeing everyone at the show again next year.