Beijing’s Xiao Theater Improves Workflow With GREEN-GO Comms

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The architecturally stunning Xiao Theater inside Beijing’s Huilongguan Cultural and Art Center Theater has installed a GREEN-GO ethernet-based digital communications system to aid clear, seamless interactions between the technical team.

The Theater, which is named for renowned Chinese director Rao Xiaozhi, has become a go-to venue for incredible immersive sound technology, attracting a range of dance and theatrical companies. China GREEN-GO dealer and AV expert EZPro specified a complete AV solution for the Theater, helping it to gain a reputation as a pioneer in audio system design that brings audiences a more involved experience.

To ensure clear communication and efficient workflow, EZPro introduced the Xiao Theater’s technical team to the GREEN-GO system. During the planning process Wei HE, GREEN-GO Product Manager at EZPro, demonstrated its wireless advantages and the fact that the GREEN-GO communications system has no single point of failure because there is no central unit that carries the entire system.

“GREEN-GO’s digital Ethernet-based communications system is renowned for its stability, ease of use and scalability, which is in line with its networked digital design concept,” says Wei HE. “Through EZPro’s introduction, the customer was able to understand the advantages and convenience of the GREEN-GO system and chose it. For us, the GREEN-GO intercom system is easy to use with great flexibility and stability. Furthermore, it is easy to build and set up.”

Inside the Theater, the EZPro and in-house technical teams specified a GREEN-GO Multi-Channel Desk Station, providing direct access to 32 separate users or groups through individual multicolour push buttons and via three colour TFT touchscreens. These indicate the name, volume level and status of the channels and enable the operational features for each channel, such as ‘Talk’, ‘Listen’, ‘Call’ or ‘Cue’. The Multi-Channel Desk Station is placed at the stage supervisor’s position for the performance director to coordinate with various professionals and communicate with the personnel at various intercom points.

Two GREEN-GO Multi-Channel Rack Stations are separately positioned at the sound control room and lighting control room, where the operators receive the director’s instructions and communicate with the personnel at various intercom points. For the technical and backstage teams, six GREEN-GO Beltpack X units are used to communicate with the control rooms and the director.

“The GREEN-GO kit has helped to realise the interconnection between stage supervisors, sound, lighting, machinery and other staff,” adds Wei HE. “At the same time, intercom access points are added in the actor channel, stage bridge, sound bridge, light bridge and other areas, where intercom Beltpack X units can be flexibly used for communication.

“The GREEN-GO system enabled the technical team to greatly improve the work efficiency in coordinating the various professional operators and actors on the stage, saving on rehearsal and communication time so that the performance can be carried out efficiently. Compared with walkie-talkies and other brands of intercom equipment, the sound quality of the GREEN-GO system is also very excellent, with clear sound and no interference and noises.”

The Xiao Theater is soon to become the home of the “Xiao Youth” drama troupe, as well as host a myriad of local and international performances.