Behringer Releases AX Control Software

ax-control-software-1012Behringer’s new EUROCOM AX Series Amplifier control software is finally available.

You can can download it here.

The AX Remote Connect V1.1 is designed to simplify setup, control and monitoring of all EUROCOM AX Series DSP models with a local PC via the front panel USB connector, or remotely over a network via the rear panel Ethernet port. A convenient front panel LCD display also allows setup and adjustments directly at the amplifier, no PC required. Additionally, AX Remote Connect V1.1 allows full access to the AX Series’ onboard test section, which includes pink noise, white noise and a fixed/sweeping sine wave generator. This allows the installer to verify system operation without the need to connect an external source generator or use the AX series amplifier as a sound-masking processor.

More details are here.