Behringer Powers Capital Cities Tour

php2fGDoBAM4/2/2014 Behringer’s X32 Digital Mixing Console and S16 Digital Snake are pulling double-duty for indie pop band Capital Cities, as they tour in support of their multi-platinum single, “Safe and Sound”.

Stiegler adds, “You’re looking at a powerful machine that has tons of control at a price point where almost any band can get their hands on it, with everything you need all on board. We don’t use any external anything; everything we use is all internal – every reverb, every effect.”

Jason and team also take advantage of X32’s remote control capability, as he explains, “We are able to tour without a monitor engineer, because all of my guys use their iPhones to control their own monitor mixes. We save time and money from not having to have another man on tour with us, and everybody gets the perfect mix.”

The X32 is not only a highly capable live and studio mixing console, but also contains a wealth of effects processing, digital routing options and more, making it a truly outstanding in-box solution – and an incredible value.

“We are excited that Capital Cities has put their trust in our X32 Digital Mixing Console and S16 Digital Snake for this major tour,” said Music Group Product Manager Jan Duwe. “Music Group is proud to provide the equipment that turns artists’ dream into reality, and wish Capital Cities the greatest success as they climb the ladder to stardom!”

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